ZHO Develops Products With 3D Printers

ZHO develops products with 3D printers

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 22nd Jun, 2021) In support of the leadership’s directives in using and enhancing artificial intelligence to carry out development projects in the future, the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) has announced a project to develop products with 3D printers with the help of People of Determination, by inaugurating the first new workshop at its headquarters in Al Bahia area in Abu Dhabi.

Through the vocational rehabilitation workshops of the ZHO's Agricultural and Vocational Rehabilitation Department, the project will help to achieve its vision to empower People of Determination and support the development and use of artificial intelligence and modern technology.

The inauguration of the workshop was attended by the ZHO's Secretary-General, Abdulla Abdulalee Alhumaidan, Vishnu Taimni, Hewlett Packard's Director of middle East, Turkey and East Africa Operations, Dr. Omar Al Naqbi and Dr. Mai Al Jabri from Health Point, and Joe Hazel, from Mediclinic Middle East in Abu Dhabi, with a group of the ZHO's leaders.

Through the project, ZHO aspires to train and employ People of Determination on 3D printing processes including operating devices and design programmes, as well as enabling them to produce various products such as stents, and activating the 3D printing workshop to meet the needs of Students of Determination.

The new workshop commences its activities as the first of its kind worldwide, by using the HP Jet Fusion 4200 series 3D printer, to produce stents for limbs, based on the designs and research developed by the joint team of therapists, designers and People of Determination. Seven people work in the new workshop. They received specialised training and passed all the tests that qualify them to work in the new workshop, after taking into account all safety and environmental protection measures in its design and equipment.

The workshop produced 205 stents in May and June, and supplied them to Mediclinic Middle East, ZHO's 3D printing project strategic partner. Mediclinic’s role is to receive and diagnose medical cases when they need the stents, and then order them to be delivered by the workshop.

Alhumaidan confirmed that choosing Mediclinic to cooperate with for launching the new workshop, was due to its speciality in advanced orthopaedic management, and the rehabilitation of highly precise and effective prosthetics for several cases. He noted that ZHO's chosen specialised therapists, designers also received training on the use of the specialised printers.

He pointed out that this new technology saves time and effort for specialists while diagnosing, training and empowering People of Determination.

HP, through its specialised research centre in Barcelona, Spain, will conduct a scientific and practical study of the work and performance of the People of Determination. The company will develop and make improvements to the 3D printers to adapt them for use by People of Determination, and then generalise the experience to the company's branches on a worldwide level.