Biden Voices Optimism About New US-Russia Arms Control Deal

GENEVA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 17th June, 2021) US President Joe Biden told reporters on Wednesday that he is optimistic about prospects for a new major nuclear agreement with Russia as both countries succeeded in reaching such deals even during the Cold War.

"We have an agreement to work on a major arms control agreement. I started working on arms control agreements back all the way during the Cold War. If we could do one in the Cold War, why couldn't we do one now? We'll see. We will see whether or not that happens," Biden said during a press conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden scolded reporters for never asking "positive questions" and putting in doubt his foreign policy accomplishments.

"The thing that always amazes me about the questions... I don't think that will going happen, it is going to be really rough, it is going to be really bad. It guarantees nothing happens. There is a value to be realistic and put on an optimistic front, an optimistic face," Biden said.