‘It Is Patriotism That Barred Me From Working With Indian Movies,’ Says Eman Ali


‘It is patriotism that barred me from working with Indian movies,’ says Eman Ali

The actress who married Babar Aziz Bhatti—the grandson of great army officer Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed—says she prefers working with the projects of her friends or written by her friends.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 9th, 2021) Actress and Model Eman Ali said that she being a patriotic Pakistani refused many offers of working in India.

Eman Ali said she visited India where many film makers made her offers for Bollywood movies.

“But I refused all these offers, because I’m a Pakistani patriotic,” said the actress. She expressed these views while talking in Wasih Chaudhary’s tv show ‘Ghabhrana Mana hey’.

“Imtiaz Ali and Wishal Bhurdwaj made her offers but I refused all these offers,” said Eman Ali.

She explained, “Apparently two reasons were there to refuse these offers; first it was patriotism and the second reason was that both the filmmakers were producing bold kind of films and I was not willing for these films,”.

“I was offered work in ‘Jawani phir nahi ani, Namaloom Afrad, Punjab Nahi Jaun gi, Karachi se Lahore and Azadi and many others but I refused working on all these projects,” Eman Ali said, adding that she did not want to work with everyone.

“I work with the projects of my friends or the projects written by my friends,” she added.

She said that she and Babar Aziz bhatti both were in relationship before their marriage. She said that her life turned good after the marriage and she was enjoying her life.

“People calls me beautiful and praise me but I personally don’t feel myself beautiful when I look myself into the mirror,” she added.

Fida Hussnain

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