Viewers Can’s Stop Gushing About Fahad Sheikh And Kinza Hashmi’s On Screen Couple


Viewers can’s stop gushing about Fahad Sheikh and Kinza Hashmi’s on screen couple

Both Fahad Sheikh and Kinza have gone viral on the internet after they appeared in Nida Yasir’s good morning Pakistan show after which the fans started calling them as the best couple on scree.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 1st, 2021) The acting power-house Fahad Sheikh has been our favorite for a quite a while now. His breathtaking performance in drama like Jalan, Azmaish, Dunk and Ghamandi have stunned the audience.

May be that’s the reason he is the lead of four currently aired drama serials. Recently, his on screen pair in drama serial Azmaish with Kinza Hashmi got viral & thousands of fans praised them on social media.

Pakistani drama lovers are present not just in Pakistan but across the borders too. There are a lot of drama serials that possess good storyline and strong acting lineups. But it’s not every day that we find just the perfect chemistry between on screen couples. You might have your own favorites so far, but this time the internet has gone crazy over the new on screen couple of Fahad Sheikh and Kinza Hashmi.

The newly aired drama serial Azmaish features the Jalan drama star Fahad Sheikh and Kinza Hashmi as his love interest. The way they portrayed love at first sight in the first episode of Drama serial Azmaish, made the audience fall in love with their characters. It is the first time that Fahad Sheikh is playing a poor guy on tv screen and Kinza’s role in the drama is also of an underprivileged girl who faces the wrath of her step dad. Both actors have already gained a lot of sympathy for their characters due to their realistic acting in the serial.

The couple went viral on the internet after they appeared in Nida Yasir’s good morning Pakistan where Fahad & Kinza appeared like a breath of fresh air. The show featured the lead cast of Azmaish including Yashma Gill, Fahad Sheikh and Kinza Hashmi. Soon after the show, internet was flooded with posts calling out Sheikh and Hashmi as the best on screen couple. Magazine and Blogs are running Polls for choosing the best on screen couple and to our surprise there is a 100% vote on Kinza & Fahad.

Undoubtedly, Pakistani drama industry is full of talented and good looking stars . The drama lovers also seem anxious to see Fahad and Kinza co-staring . Let’s just keep calm and wait for the next episodes of Azmaish to come out.

Fida Hussnain

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