New Russian Aircraft Carrier Could Cost $6.7 Billion - Military Industrial Commission

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 18th May, 2021) The construction of a new aircraft carrier could cost Russia over $6.7 billion, Vladimir Pospelov, member of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government, told Sputnik.

Earlier, Pospelov told Sputnik that the commission was going to assess the feasibility of including plans for the construction of a new aircraft carrier in the state armament program for 2024-2033.

"There are different estimates. We have the following: the lead aircraft carrier - about 500 billion rubles," Pospelov said, when asked about the costs.

According to Pospelov, the Russian Navy needs three new aircraft carriers: the lead one and two serial ones.

The preliminary design for a new aircraft carrier is ready, Pospelov told Sputnik, adding that Russia has nearly all of the technologies needed for construction, but some specifics, such as the take-off and landing systems of the aircraft, need to be worked out.