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MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 13th May, 2021) Today, we will tell you about Russians' chances to meet their "one and only" and their priorities in romantic partners; about a new device capable of detecting explosives and hazardous chemicals in a blink of an eye; and about how Moscow residents spent the long holidays.

Every Russian has 48 chances on average to find their "better half", it is important to stay true to oneself and remain honest and open-hearted when meeting new people, according to a study by the international dating app Badoo.

The study was conducted in April on 1,000 people (65 percent men and 35 percent women).

Experts note that the idea of a "one and only" life partner is highly popular among Russians: 52 percent are looking for the "right" person, while some fear that they have already missed their chance. According to the study, for people looking for "the one", the most important qualities are honesty (70 percent) and reliability (58 percent). Russians also mention loyalty (53 percent), caring (53 percent), and ability and desire to support others (47 percent) among the top five desired qualities. Only 13 percent of people care about good looks, and 12 percent care about money.

At Badoo's request, mathematician Bobby Seagull calculated how many "ideal partners" an adult Russian living in a city can meet on average. Based on the results of the survey, as well as data on the country's population, Seagull came to the conclusion that the average number of people with whom an adult urban Russian resident could mate is 48.

"The concept of just one perfect match out of billions of people on the planet is mathematically highly unlikely. I hope this study helps daters to feel more optimistic about their dating journey. Every individual is different so there is sadly no one hard-and-fast rule, but being open and honest should mathematically increase the daters' probability of finding a match although maths doesn't account for chemistry and attraction when meeting in person!" Seagull said.

Wishing not to frighten away their "better half", some people may paint their merits in bright colors instead of opening up and just being themselves. At the same time, the majority of Russians (76 percent) would like their partners to be as honest as possible about themselves and their desires. So, Badoo users who fill out their online dating profile on average receive 80 percent more matches monthly than users with empty profiles, the authors of the survey concluded.


Russia's Shvabe Holding (part of Rostec state corporation) has developed a Segment Gamma detector that is capable of identifying explosives and hazardous chemicals in just five seconds, Rostec announced.

A prototype of the invention was presented for the first time at the Integrated Security exhibition, which is currently taking place in the Patriot Park in the Moscow Region.

"The Segment Gamma continuously monitors the air indoors for explosives and hazardous chemical and biological agents. It takes the device no longer than five seconds to respond to a threat," Rostec said.

According to Rostec Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko, the new device can be used at railway and subway stations, airports, shopping malls, cinemas, and concert and exhibition halls. The effectiveness of explosives and hazardous chemical and biological agents detection by the Gamma Segment is not less than 99.8 percent.


During the long non-working days lasting from May 1-10, Moscow residents preferred to go on excursion or attend museums and parks, and also spent much time on home improvement, with the average daily turnover of Moscow museums and galleries increasing by 74.9 percent compared to April and totaling 29.1 million rubles ($391,686), according to the city's agency for economic policy.

"The demand for excursions grew 2.1 times, the average daily revenue of excursion bureaus reached 1.8 million rubles from May 1-10. The average daily revenue of recreation parks amounted to 52.5 million rubles during the non-working days and more than doubled compared to April," Moscow Deputy Mayor Vladimir Efimov said.

According to the Analytical Center of Moscow, the Russian capital's zoos and oceanariums were particularly popular during the May holidays: their average daily turnover amounted to 15.3 million rubles, which is 2.5 times higher than in April.

Apart from that, many Muscovites were engaged in minor repairs, home improvement and renewing their wardrobes during the long holidays.

"So, furniture stores' daily revenue rose by 12 percent to 493.1 million rubles, curtain shops' revenue rose by 8.1 percent to 31.3 million rubles, and furniture mountings retail sales grew by 14 percent to 46 million rubles," Kirill Purtov, the head of Moscow's department for economic policy, said.

Meanwhile, clothing stores' average daily turnover increased by 4 percent to 366.8 million rubles.