Pakistan Expresses Concerns Over 7kg Of Uranium Seized In India


Pakistan expresses concerns over 7kg of uranium seized in India

Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri says security of nuclear arsenals should be the top priority for all countries but seizure of seven kilogram natural uranium in India is a matter of great concern.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 8th, 2021) Pakistan on expressed its serious concerns on the reports of seizure of more than seven kilogram of natural uranium from unauthorized persons in India.

In a statement on Saturday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said security of nuclear arsenals should be the top priority for all countries.

Zahid Hafeez said there was a need for thorough investigation of the matter as to how such sizeable quantity of uranium could become available outside any state control and identify the gaps which made this possible.

Indian police seized over seven kilogrammes (15.4 Pounds) of natural uranium and took two men in the western Maharashtra state for “illegally possessing” the highly radioactive substance.

The confiscated material is worth around $2.9 million and an investigation into the case is under way.

“We had received information that one person identified as Jigar Pandya was going to illegally sell pieces of uranium substance, a trap was laid and he was arrested,” said Maharashtra police.

“Investigation into the case revealed that another person identified as Abu Tahir gave him these pieces of uranium,”.

According to the police, a huge quantity of substance was recovered when Tahir was apprehended.

“The seized material is highly radioactive,” Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai confirmed.

The police quoted a report that the substance is natural uranium and it is highly radioactive and dangerous to human life.

“The sources of seized material and where it would be sent is being investigated,” the police said.

The police produced two suspects before a local court for physical remand. The court handed them over to anti-terrorism squad till May 12 on physical remand.

It is the second time in India that such a highly radioactive susbstance was seized by police in recent years. Police seized almost 9kg (19.8 pounds) of depleted uranium in the Thane area of Maharashtra in 2016.

Uranium is used in several areas including medical techniques and nuclear explosives.

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