Rupee Gains Value Against US Dollar



Rupee gains value against US dollar


State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) says local currency has closed at Rs 153.04 against the greenback, showing Rs 0.20 value (0.13 per cent) as compared to the last close that was at Rs 153.24.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 5th, 2021) The Pakistani rupee gained value against the United States (US) Dollar in the interbank Currency market on Wednesday.

Taking to Twitter, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) shared the latest status of the local currency.

According to the SBP’s update, the local currency closed at Rs153.04 against the greenback, showing Rs0.20 value (0.13 per cent) over the last close at Rs153.24.

The rupee on April 28 had gained value and reached to152.95 against the US dollar, hitting a 22-month high.

The value of the rupee has recovered more than Rs 15 during the last seven months since it hit an all-time low of Rs168.43 last year in August.

Fida Hussnain

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