Iraq's Foreign Policy Prioritizes Collective Initiatives In Middle East - Foreign Ministry

BAGHDAD (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 20th April, 2021) Iraq's foreign policy seeks to strengthen common middle Eastern initiatives and promote regional dialogue as a way to lower tensions, Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf told Sputnik Monday.

"Iraqi foreign policy is currently aimed at strengthening collective initiatives at the regional level for the sake of stable coordination, interaction and dialogue with all sides in counteracting common challenges and taking advantage of common opportunities," al-Sahaf said.

The diplomat said that Baghdad considers dialogue to be the only way to lower regional tensions and adheres to a "positive neutrality" stance while thwarting any attempts by any other side to use Iraqi policy for their own ends.

Recent visits by the Iraqi prime minister and foreign minister to neighboring Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar and the UAE indicate that Iraq focuses on these countries in its foreign policy, the spokesman stressed.