Dubai Chamber Highlights Key CSR Achievements In Report

Dubai Chamber highlights key CSR achievements in report

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 18th Apr, 2021) Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released a report highlighting its key CSR achievements in 2020, as well as the outcome and impact of campaigns, initiatives, events and activities it organised during the year, which relate to community, environment, workplace and marketplace.

The report, published by the Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business, revealed that in 2020, the Chamber donated AED10 million towards the Community Solidarity Fund Against COVID-19, which benefitted 200,000 individuals and supported its efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the business community and provide humanitarian and logistical support during challenging times.

In addition, the Chamber allocated AED750,000 to the Al Jalila Foundation to support medical research and donated 10 percent of revenue to charities in cash or kind.

Dubai Chamber facilitated 47 corporate volunteering activities that benefited more than 50,000 individuals through "Engage Dubai", and organised 26 internal CSR and community initiatives throughout the year.

In 2020, the Chamber maintained the LEED Platinum certification for its head office and the University of Dubai campus. It hosted six environmental workshops for businesses, governmental organisations and universities.

The organisation reduced 91 percent of potable water consumption and 63 percent of energy consumption since 1998, saving more than AED 27.7 million as a result of these efforts. Last year, the Chamber completed the construction of a sustainable car parking project and issued three publications focusing on retrofitting buildings, and best practices and case studies in green building.

Dubai Chamber conducted 53 internal awareness and training sessions on CSR and wellbeing for its employees, which covered a wide range of topics such as ergonomics, supporting people of determination and physical fitness. Free annual health checks and health club membership packages were also offered to all employees.

The Chamber facilitated 100 percent remote working for employees and enabled online systems for effective business continuity.

In response to COVID-19, the Centre for Responsible Business developed the Business Mentoring and Support Programme to support affected SMEs by pairing them with larger corporates that could provide them tailored support, resources and training. The Prompt Payment Practices for the Sub-contractors and Suppliers Task Force was also set up by the Centre.

More than 220 participants from 153 companies attended public webinars on business resilience during COVID-19. The Dubai Dialogue 2020 was attended by 113 participants from 56 organisations. The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Week campaign on employee health and wellbeing attracted more than 57,500 participants from 272 organisations.

More than 7,000 entrepreneurs benefitted from the Dubai Start-up Hub programmes that supported the growth and development of start-ups and SMEs in Dubai and abroad, while 55 companies were awarded the Dubai Chamber CSR Label, and 69 companies engaged with the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network.