Ministry Of Community Development Supports UAE Productive Families With E-membership Cards

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 07th Apr, 2021) The Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) announced upgrading the procedures and services associated with the membership card of UAE Productive Families included in the "Al Sanaa" project.

The card will be provided with smart features through "blockchain" technology, whereas the printed membership card, has been cancelled and replaced with an electronic card, in line with the ministry's initiatives that keep pace with the vision of smart transformation in line with the directives of the UAE digital government and the current conditions imposed by COVID 19 pandemic.

Afra Buhumaid, Director of Productive Families Department at the MoCD, revealed a range of features provided through the new e-membership card as an alternative to all commercial licences in some electronic platforms such as "Noon" and "Kiosks". As such, the new e-card will exempt productive families from certain fees, and is approved in the supplier registration system of the UAE Government; the card also exempts "Al Sanaa" project members from registration fees to support productive families and stimulate the expansion of their business and income.

Buhumaid confirmed that the e-membership card has been adopted in many marketing outlets to support productive families, help them achieve the best possible marketing targets through the ministry's traditional exhibitions and marketing outlets, and participate in "Al Sanaa" pavilion for UAE productive families in the Global Village.

Buhumaid elaborated that the current working situation and virtual transformation of all services remotely of the ministry achieved significant and positive results reflected on the training and rehabilitation opportunities of productive families. A series of training courses theoretically and practically were introduced "remotely" and participated by a large number of productive families of (254 percent) during the past year 2020 compared to what was offered in 2019.

According to the statistics by the ministry between 2008 until the end of 2020, the "Al Sanaa" project achieved more than AED57 million, a total income for the UAE productive families who are participating in the ministry’s various projects. The number of UAE productive families enrolled in the project reached nearly 2,800 families running various trades, professional and micro-projects, as part of the ministry's efforts and vision to support UAE productive families.

The products of UAE productive families include food products, clothing and accessories, perfumes and natural products, craft and heritage products, printing and art projects, furniture and furnishings, and other smart and traditional marketing ideas.

The ministry puts the UAE family on the top of its priorities, under the principles of family cohesion and community coherence and supporting the ambitions of Emirati families and their stability to achieve prosperity, consolidate happiness and wellbeing for its young generations.

The "Al Sanaa" project is one of the ministry's sustainable projects aimed at raising the economic level of the UAE productive families, diversifying their sources of income, investing their energies, developing their abilities and skills to be leading entrepreneurs with innovative and developed visions. These efforts contribute to support the family’s economy, in particular, and national economy in general.