Footballers Disappointed Over Current Situation In PFF Headquarters


Footballers disappointed over current situation in PFF headquarters

The international footballers say they came to Pakistan to play National Women’s Football championship but they failed, and point out that they never saw such situation before.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 2nd, 2021) Footballers including the international footballers who came to play National Women’s Football championship are disappointed over the present situation at Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) headquarters.

Nepalese footballers also expressed dismay over unlawful occupation of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) headquarters.

“Masha United—our team—has withdrawn from the National Women’s Football Championship because of what happened at PFF,” Nepali footballer Saru Libu said, adding that they came to play this tournament with an aim to win it but all in vain.

Anjila Tumbapo Subaa also said that she was worried over the situation, saying that dream of playing this tournament just failed.

“The prevailing situation has disappointed us,” said the player.

She said that footballers’ interest should have been saved instead of the personal interest.

“We never saw such situation before ever,” she further said. Subaa said that the people who are responsible should have thought about the game.

Syed Ashafaq Hussain-led group took control of PFF house from the FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee. FIFA warned the group of suspension of its membership and asked it hand it over normalization committee soon.

Fida Hussnain

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