NWFC Championship Cancelled Again


NWFC championship cancelled again

The tournament has been cancelled owing to differences between Ashfaq Hussain-led Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and the FIFA Normalization Committee.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 1st, 2021) The ongoing National Women’s Football Championship (NWFC) has once again been canceled as teams refused to play.

The development has taken place owing to dispute between the Ashfaq Hussain-led Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and the FIFA Normalization Committee has once affected the game of football.

Highlanders and Masha United were due to play first semi-final while second semi-final between Karachi United and WAPDA was also due. But owing to the differences between two major groups, Knockout matches of the development stage were also canceled.

Ashfaq-led PFF is of the view that championship could not be held in the present situation.

It may be mentioned here that FIFA, the international football body, had warned an ultimatum till Wednesday, 8.00 PM to the Ashfaq group to leave PFF headquarters in Lahore and handover back to Normalisation Committee (NC).

Ashfaq Hussain decided not to return the ‘FIFA House’ to NC and said that they will continue to work while controlling PFF Headquarters.

Fida Hussnain

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