Gunman Kills 10 People In Boulder, Colorado


Gunman kills 10 people in Boulder, Colorado

The attacker who is not publicly known yet has been arrested from the spot where he opened indiscriminate firing at the people standing in and outside King Soopers Grocery store in Boulder.

COLORADO: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 23rd, 2021) A man killed at least 10 people including a police officer in supermarket in Boulder, the latest reports said.

The police arrested him from the spot.

Police found no known motive for the violence in the area which took place at about 3:00 pm at King Soopers grocery store in Boulder.

It was the second incident of mass shooting in less than a week.

The incident happened near King Sooper grocery store in Boulder, a north-central Colorado city at the eastern foot of the Rockies, about 28 miles (45) northwest of Denver, Reuters said.

The buyers and the employees present there ran to save their lives in the supermarket as the police reached there to take control of the situation which happened just 2 miles away from University of Colorado’s flagship campus.

According to the reports, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said 10 people perished in the attack at King Soopers grocery. Among them was 51-year-old policeman Eric Talley, an 11-year veteran of the Boulder police force, who she said was the first officer at the scene.

The assailant, however, has not been identified publicly so far. Police said the attacker who also had serious injuries had survived the bloodshed.

Fida Hussnain

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