Mehwish Hayat Is Happy Over Riz Ahmed's Nomination For Oscar Award


Mehwish Hayat is happy over Riz Ahmed's nomination for Oscar Award

The actress nomination of a Muslim actor for the first for Oscar Award is an exceptional case right at the moment when many artists like her are fighting in a world for fairer representation in mainstream media.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 17th, 2021) Pakistani superstar and recipient of Sitara-i-Imtiaz Mehwish Hayat is happy over nomination of first Muslim and British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed for Oscar Award.

The Punjab Nahi Jaun gi actress had said it was all about great performance and expressed her happiness over such great reward for British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed.

Taking to Instagram, the actress said: “@rizahmed being the 1st Muslim to get nominated shouldn't be the story. It should be abt performance. But let's accept in a world where we’re fighting for fairer representation in mainstream media a Muslim nominated for Best Actor for the 1st time since 1929 is one hell of a big deal !!!”.

The actress also shared a photo from movie “Sound of Metal” in which the actor did excellent performance.

Riz Ahmed, a British-Pakistani actor, is the first Muslim actor who made headlines across the globe after he was nominated for this year Oscar Award.

Ahmed is the first actor who is of Pakistani origin for being nominated for an Oscar in the category of the best actor for his remarkable performance in South of Metal.

The film was nominated for this award because six other factors including best picture, best actor, best supporting actor for Paul Raci, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Sound.

In reaction to his nomination, Riz Ahmed said that it may be for everyone who could find themselves getting inspired and connected by it.

The Actor said: “ I’m all for it if there is a way in which people can find themselves in this moment and can feel inspired and connected on a deeper level,”.

“There are so many ways to view it whether it is as the first British Pakistani or as the first guy from Wembley,” said Riaz Ahmed known as Riz Ahmed.

“It is a blessing as long as people feels it like an opportunity than ever before to really connect and feel included I this moment,” he added.

He continued: “ It’s why we do it, to stretch our hearts and stretch our minds and in the process stretch culture,”.

The actor said that they should stretch culture with an approach and it should wide enough that if we try to find ourselves there we must find ourselves.

He said that these changes were not just something that’s good politically or socially. He stated that it was something which allowed stories and storytelling to get back to its original intension which was to embrace all of them. The 93rd academy Awards will air on Sunday, April 25 on ABC at 8pm ET.

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