'Trading Relationship Is The Only Solution To Defeat Poverty Like Challenges In The Region,' Says PM Imran


'Trading relationship is the only solution to defeat poverty like challenges in the region,' says PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that they [all neighboring countries including India] should live like the European states, arguing that conflict was not the solution of any problem as it breeds more conflicts.

COLOMBO: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Feb 24th, 2021) Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he took to power and asked Indian Prime Minister Modi for normalization and for peace but he failed. He said but he was optimistic that solution of all these problems lied in dialogue.

He said Kashmir issue was the only issue and that should be resolved as per United Nations’ resolution and it could be resolved through the dialogue.

He said conflicts were not solution of any problem as they bred more conflicts.

“Wars follow wars and that is not the solution. Solution lies only in dialogue,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing Colombo Trade and Investment Conference. He also highlighted the current Modi government’s response to his peace call in the region.

But he said he was hopeful that all solution of all these challenges lied in the dialogue. The PM said: “I’m optimistic that solution of all these problems lies in dialogue,”. He also urged the Sri Lankan people to join CPEC as it was the best for economic development and prosperity in the region, and also highlighted the significance of Gwadar port. He said that CPEC was game changer in the region. He also invited the Sri Lankan businessmen to come and make investment in Pakistan, saying that it was beneficial for both countries.

“We should live like the European states as they do trade together. European Union is a great example,” he argued before Sri Lankan traders. The PM also admired tourism industry of Sri Lanka and said that Pakistan should learn from it.

“I have been here to a resort,” said the PM while sharing his personal experience of Sri Lankan tourism industry.

At the end, the PM also appreciated Sri Lankan cricket Team, saying that it was great source of inspiration for them.

Fida Hussnain

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