Last Location Of Ali Sadpara, Two Foreign Climbers Traced Through Satellite Images


Last location of Ali Sadpara, two foreign climbers traced through satellite images

Iceland and Chile have released satellite pictures of climbers who went missing to summit the world’s second-highest mountain K2.

SKARDU: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Feb 12th, 2021) The satellite images of the location of three climbers including Ali Sadpara have revealed their last location during their attempt to summit world’s second highest mountain K2., the sources say.

The sources say that the images released Iceland and Chile have been shared with the authorities for help in the continuing search operation.

The images show that the last location of the climbers was where their GPS of got off.

On other hand, the authorities are preparing for grand rescue operation to summit K2. The operation is to be carried out with the help of satellite pictures.

Pakistan’s Muhammad Ali and two foreign climbers including John Snorri from Iceland and JP Mohr from Chile went missing while attempting to summit K2.

Earlier, Sajid Ali Sadpara said that search operation would be started again by 11 am tomorrow.

He said that aircraft C-130 was being used for search operation today and many other places would be spotted today with the help of technology.

“For land operation, teams will be departed today if the traces are found,” said Sajid Ali Sadpara.

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