Shehzad Roy Expresses Concerns Over Physical Torture On Students


Shehzad Roy expresses concerns over physical torture on students

The Popular singer has shared a video on his Twitter account and vowed to change the mindsets of people for a better and civilized society.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 30th, 2021) Renowned singer and philanthropist Shehzad Roy has expressed serious concerns over physical torture on minor students by a religious teacher, vowing to change the mindset.

Taking to Twitter, the Ambassador of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime shared a video of religious teacher beating minors at a seminary.

Shehzad Roy wrote: “Yeh jo maar raha hai, khud bhi isi tarha pita ho ga buchpan mein. Violence breeds violence. Can someone identify him? After 12 years of struggle @ZindagiTrust pushed governments to change the law so these people can be punished but still struggling to change the mindset,”.

The last government had introduced a policy “Maar nahe Pyar” which many people liked and others disliked, citing different reasons.

Many say that “Maar” [slight punishment what they] is important for guidance of the children and others believe that “punishment, especially physical punishment” to the students do not lead to any improvement.

Fida Hussnain

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