Number Of Tourists Who Visited Egypt In 2020 Lowest In More Than 20 Years - Ministry

CAIRO (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 27th January, 2021) The number of tourists who visited Egypt in 2020 amounted to 3.6 million people, and was the lowest in over 20 years, according to a report from the country's Tourism Ministry obtained by Sputnik.

"Overall, in 2020, Egypt received 3.6 million tourists, revenues amounted to about $4 billion," the ministry said.

A total of 1.3 million tourists arrived in the country from July to December 2020 - after a forced break due to the coronavirus pandemic. The year began for the industry quite successfully, the ministry said: in January 2020 alone, the country received 945,000 tourists, which exceeded the previous year's indicators by 9.7 percent.