Pakistan Railways’ Ticket Reservation System Crashes


Pakistan Railways’ ticket reservation system crashes

The passenger who had to travel through trains faced huge trouble due to closure of ticket reservation system.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 26th, 2021) Pakistan Railways’ ticket reservation system crashed, leaving hundreds of passengers in huge troubles across the country on Tuesday.

The booking officers of Pakistan Railways could not work in Cantt area of the city which usually got open at 8:00 am

The passengers faced huge troubles due to non-functioning of the reservation system.

Pakistan Railways which is already financial issues suffered more losses due to closure of ticket reservation system.

Addressing the media last week, Railways Minister Azam Swati had said that the government was taking effective steps to make Pakistan Railways a profitable entity.

Azam Swati had also said that he was determined to make the railways a profitable organization by taking pragmatic steps including getting back the encroached lands and utilizing the properly in the best interest of the institution.

“High-rise buildings will also be constructed for Railways’ employees,” he added.

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