Four Footballers From Brazilian Club Palmas Died In Plane Crash


Four footballers from Brazilian club Palmas died in plane crash

The players who were tested positive for COVID-19 were travelling separately in a plane.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 25th, 2021) Four footballers from Brazilian club Palmas died due to plane crash, the club confirmed on Monday.

The players were travelling in a separate plane after testing positive for Coronavirus.

According to the reports, the plane fell on the ground suddenly at the end of the runway during takeoff in the northern state of Tocantins. The pilot also lost his life during the crash.

The footballers were travelling to Goiania in the central region of the country to play a math against Vila Nova.

“The players were travelling in a separate plane because they had tested positive for Coronaviru,” club spokesperson Izabela Martins.

Martins said that Sunday would have been their last day of isolation and that the rest of them would travel on a commercial flight.

The deceased were identified as president Lucas Meira and players Lucas Praxedes, Guilherme No, Ranule and Marcus Molinari, the club said. However, no name of the pilot surfaced so far and there was not even a single survivor. The cause of the accident was also not known yet.

Palmas Futebol e Regatas was established in 1997 which plays in Brazil’s fourth division.

Brazilian Football Confederation expressed sorrow over the death of the players and pilot and observed a minute of silence in all matches played Sunday as a sign of mourning.

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