Ghani Calls On Judiciary To Execute Planners Of Kabul University Attack - Sources

KABUL (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th November, 2020) Afghan President Ashraf Ghani discussed the deadly Kabul University attack on Sunday at a presidential palace meeting, sources told Sputnik.

The meeting was attended by judges and the Attorney General. During the talks, Ghani called on the judiciary to execute the perpetrators or planners of the attack as soon as possible, sources from the presidential palace told Sputnik.

On November 2, three gunmen attacked the law faculty of the Kabul University and shot at students point blank for several hours before being neutralized. The attack left 22 dead, mostly students, as well as 27 wounded.

The Islamic State terrorist organization (IS, banned in Russia) claimed responsibility for the attack but the Afghan government blamed the Taliban, which in turn denied involvement.

Some media reported this month that a Kabul University student named Adil has admitted that he was recruited by the Haqqani Network, which is closely affiliated with the Taliban, and ordered to carry out the attack so as to exert pressure on the Afghan government amid peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar's Doha.