“Pakistani Players Must Be Punished,” Prominent Voices Rise In New Zealand


“Pakistani players must be punished,” prominent voices rise in New Zealand

People from different walks of life have questioned their own border control system over issue of six Pakistani players who tested positive for Covid-19.

WELLINGTON: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 27th, 2020) Some prominent communities of New Zealand have asked for punishment of Pakistani cricketers for violating SOPs placed earlier for Covid-19 pandemic.

The voices for punishment came up after six players of Pakistani squad tested positive for Covid-19.

The squad members are currently in isolation in Christchurch.

D’ Arcy Waldegrave, a radio broadcaster in New Zealand, called Pakistani team “astonishingly arrogant” and wanted New Zealand government to set an example out of the men in Green.

Chris Lynch who is known New Zealand broadcaster had criticized Pakistani team in his column for New Zealand Herald for breaking strict isolation rules at Christchurch hotel, saying that Pakistan cricketers should be punished.

He had written: “ It’s a privilege, not a right to be granted access to New Zealand as many Kiwis are out there who could not return to homeland just because of managed isolation facilities are fully reserved,”.

He said: “Pakistan should not be given special exemption in the first place, either they are in managed isolation or they are not,”.

He went on to say that if others were not sure about their responsibilities during these times of global pandemic the threat of plane cricket home should help ease any confusion.

“I feel grateful for living in a country where Covid-19 has not taken a foothold,” he added.

Nick Wilson, who teaches at Department of Public health at the University of Ontago, questioned New Zealand border control system.

“Issue of Pakistan’s team indicates that New Zealand’s broder control system is not effective,” said the professor.

“ We must check again our border system that what we probably need is a traffic light system so that things are much stringent for people coming from high-risk red zone countries like Pakistan, the US and the UK,” he added.

Fida Hussnain

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