Amir Khan, Family Remain Safe In Recent Car-crash On Way To London


Amir Khan, family remain safe in recent car-crash on way to London

The world famous boxer was travelling to London with his wife and daughter when it crashed on UK motorway.

LONDON: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 16th, 2020) International boxer Amir Khan’s car once again crashed on UK motorway, the reports said on Monday.

However, the boxer who was travelling with his family remained safe.

Boxer’s wife Faryal Makhdoom and daughter Lamaisah were also with him during this time and they all were heading to London for a tv show.

According to the reports, Amir Khan lost control over his vehicle on the wet surface and crashed it into a barrier.

“Being hit with a combo,” the boxer recalled the incident.

Later, the boxer posted the images to his Instagram account to share the incident with his fans. He said that no one was hurt by this incident.

He wrote: “Alhamdulillah everyone's safe. Lamaisah was asleep at the time in the back of the car but she's okay. Faryal was sitting in the front with me, she's okay too. More shocked than anything, the car looks very bad — the front, sides back are all damaged. The car literally did a 360," he said, describing the incident,”.

“But I'm glad that everyone's safe — we just have to get on with our normal days now and get home,” he further said.

It is not for the first that his car crashed as previously he went through such situation for twice. According to the UK media reports, Amir Khan was once fined 1000 UK Pounds for violating traffic rules.

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