PTI Not Serious In ToR; Makes Institutions Controversial: Mussadik

PTI not serious in ToR; makes institutions controversial: Mussadik

ISLAMABAD,(Pakistan Point News - APP - 1st Augst,2016) : Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr Mussadik Malik on Monday said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is not serious in framing Terms of Reference on Panama papers and is making national institutions controversial in unnecessary politicking. During a private news channel program, the Spokesman offered to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf member National Assembly Dr Arif Alvi to point out any state institution including the FIA and NAB for holding inquiry into Panama papers issue and the government will move forward.

"They are in a state of denial and making the state institutions controversial by reposing confidence first and later withdrawing their stance," he added. "They have submitted petition in the ECP and now are flexing muscles for agitation without waiting for the Commission's decision." Malik also challenged the opposition to prove the allegations leveled against the Prime Minister in their 1000 pages petition filed in the Election Commission of Pakistan.

He criticized PTI for talking to third umpire during their protests in front of D Chowk and now again distributing sweets as they deem that government will be sent home with their protests. But, he appreciated the PPP leader Nisar Khoro's comments that his party will not pave way for a third force. When asked about other options for Karachi if Rangers tenure could not be extended, Mussadik Malik said, no other option was under consideration except those mentioned in the constitution.

He said the operation against criminals in Karachi shall continue in consensus with all parties. "It is a common initiative and we shall not let anybody get off the boat. We shall also not let the boat sink." He said parties and people in Karachi desire to take this operation to its logical ending. Malik also offered all out support to provincial government in nabbing the culprits and investigation into assassination of Farhan who was brutally tortured and murdered by his friends in front of his mother.

"It is a provincial matter but Federal government is ready to provide every assistance required to provincial government." Commenting on Saamia Khalid murder case, he reiterated to bring a comprehensive law for protection of women. "We did it in Punjab and shall also do at federal level. All parties are unanimous on this issue. People will not only see a new law but administrative changes."