About 100,000 People Protest In Warsaw Against Boosted Anti-Abortion Measures -Authorities

WARSAW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 31st October, 2020) Around 100,000 people took part in Friday protests in the Polish capital of Warsaw over the government's decision to outlaw access to abortion in the event of fetal defects, a spokeswoman for the city administration said.

The Polish ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) is persistently holding an anti-abortion campaign. As a result of that, it is now possible to make abortion in Poland only in case of life-threatening condition of a woman, or a rape.

"About 100,000 people are protesting in the streets of Warsaw," the spokeswoman said on late Friday.

According to other media outlets, the rally resulted in some clashes, with radicalized protesters throwing bottles and stones at police officers. Several dozens of protesters have been detained.