Biden Pledges To Strengthen Alliance With South Korea, Retain US Troops - Reports

SEOUL (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th October, 2020) US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged to strengthen the alliance with South Korea and stop threatening to withdraw the US troops from the Korean Peninsula, Yonhap agency reported on Friday.

Few days ahead of the US presidential election, Biden sent an exclusive article to the Souths' Yonhap agency titled 'Hope for Our Better Future,' in which he stressed his adherence to the US-Korean alliance and called on both countries to "go together."

"As president, I'll stand with South Korea, strengthening our alliance to safeguard peace in East Asia and beyond, rather than extorting Seoul with reckless threats to remove our troops," Biden wrote as quoted by Yonhap.

The presidential candidate added that he would continue to address the issue of the North's denuclearization and the Peninsula's unification, while making efforts to reunite Korean Americans separated from their North Korean relatives.

North Korea always pays much attention to the US presidential election, as its results have a significant effect on the bilateral relations between the countries, on which the South's strategic position is highly dependent.

Although, US incumbent President Donald Trump has not declared that he had plans to withdraw US troops from South Korea, some South Korean media outlets expressed their concerns on the possibility of the US force's withdrawal, in case Trump was reelected.

The US presidential election, in which Trump is facing off Democratic nominee Joe Biden, is set for November 3. Early voting has already started in some states.