Arab Language Conference In Sharjah Discusses 34 Studies

Arab Language Conference in Sharjah discusses 34 studies

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 29th Oct, 2020) Participants involved with the activities of the Extraordinary International Arabic Language Conference in Sharjah reviewed 34 research papers and studies, all of which dealt with three main topics.

These papers dealt with many research and field studies that contribute to the development and teaching of the Arabic language. It also dealt with the empowerment of Arabic language teachers in general education stages from the skills of the twenty-first century and the concept of the Arabic language in the light of the hypothetical Arabic language teacher.

The conference discussed in a precise manner the issue of learning the Arabic language remotely and how to take advantage of modern technologies and use it in distance learning and their suitability for the characteristics of Arabic language activities and its various skills, highlighting the most important modern education strategies that can be employed in teaching the Arabic language remotely.

The participants praised the accuracy of the smooth and perfect organisation and supervision, which was distinguished by the participation of specialised experts and researchers in the field of teaching and remote learning of the Arabic language at the regional and international level, and the comprehensiveness of the topics dealt with by researchers.

The Conference, organised by the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, ABEGS, in Sharjah in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, will run until 29 October, remotely under the slogan "With Arabic we innovate."