'Live Our Heritage Festival' Returns To Global Village Under Theme 'Genius Of Emirati Traditional Crafts'

'Live Our Heritage Festival' returns to Global Village under theme 'Genius of Emirati Traditional Crafts'

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 26th Oct, 2020) The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority launched the 11th edition of 'Live Our Heritage Festival' at Global Village, which is celebrating its Silver Jubilee.

This edition of the festival will be held under the theme "Genius of Emirati Traditional Crafts" from 25th October, 2020, to 18th April, 2021 and will present visitors with rich and varied heritage events that celebrate ancient Emirati heritage across generations.

The festival will welcome visitors to Global Village daily from 16:00 to 22:00, presenting them with a rich programme of activations, including traditional coffee, the traditional room, Emirati cuisine, the Tawash profession, Mutawa, traditional crafts, pottery, and date-selling as well as local traditional arts programmes covering distinguished Emirati folk groups who would be performing during the festival, in addition to workshops that focus on the traditional crafts displayed throughout the festival and its stages of development. The programme will also include dialogues and educational sessions and meetings with specialists in the field of culture and heritage, as well as workshop presenters and media professionals.

The programme will also provide an exciting atmosphere through varied and innovative cultural and heritage competitions and challenges that would continue throughout the festival, in addition to a range of other distinctive activities specifically designed around National Day celebrations and World Heritage Day.

Hala Badri, Director-General of Dubai Culture, stressed the importance of the 'Live Our Heritage Festival' in supporting the wise leadership’s directions to consolidate Dubai’s position on the global cultural map and to enhance the Authority’s efforts in preserving local heritage, supporting local craftsmen and artists as well as preserving handicrafts and traditional Emirati heritage and its development.

She said, "Dubai is a vibrant city that provides its residents and visitors with unique experiences to discover the emirate’s distinct heritage and ancient historical origins through many cultural events and heritage activities. The festival is part of our efforts through which we seek to enhance the emirate’s position as a cultural tourism destination on the global stage, and we are keen to reserve a permanent site for us at Global Village, the unique destination that brings the world together in one place."

Badri also emphasised the role of the festival’s activities in supporting traditional handicrafts as a national cultural and civilisational asset that resembles an important part of the Emirati identity.