Karachi Arts Council Organized A Function To Pay Homage To Renowned Actor Qavi Khan

Karachi Arts Council organized a function to pay homage to renowned actor Qavi Khan

Arts Council restores Karachi's colors, steps taken for art and artists are commendable: Qavi Khan

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 23rd October, 2020) I do not feel ashamed to say that wherever I go, I come to the Peace Arts Council and find it nowhere else. Ahmad Shah is a great man and I am very grateful to him for organizing this event The way the council stands with the artists in every bad time is commendable, I have learned a lot in my life, I learn something from my juniors every day, these views were expressed by renowned actor Qavi Khan in Karachi. He did so at a ceremony in his honor at the Arts Council.

Sharing his life experiences with Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Qavi Khan said that there is a lot of silence and loneliness in my life. I am satisfied by entrusting everything to Allah and it would be great fun to live with my faith. Acknowledging the services of President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Qavi Khan said that he has a wonderful personality.

Speaking on the occasion, well-known actor Behrooz Sabzwari said that he was grateful to Ahmad Shah for paying homage to the artists in his lifetime. The Arts Council is the best institution for the Artists. he said I am not able to talk about Qavi Khan's performance.

Speaking on the occasion, senior actor Aurangzeb Leghari said that Qavi Khan taught me the style of acting. He further said whatever I am today is because of qavi khan.

On this occasion, senior actor Munawar Saeed said that the relationship with Qavi Khan is 60 years old, the person who introduced me on TV was Qavi Khan, may Allah bless Qavi Khan with more honor.

President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah while talking to Qavi Khan highlighted various aspects of his life. Qavi Khan shared various experiences of his life with the audience.While a large number of people who love Qavi Khan attended the ceremony.