Shahbaz Gill Unveils Govt’s Last Three-month Performance


Shahbaz Gill unveils govt’s last three-month performance

Advisor to PM on Political Communication claims that the things have improved, leading the national economy up for last couple of months.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 21st, 2020) Following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s update on national economy, Advisor to PM on Political Communication has come forward to unveil last three-month performance of PTI government.

Taking to Twitter, Dr. Shehbaz Gill says that Imran Khan’s Pakistan is growing for last three months of current Fiscal-year. He mentioned ten achievements of his government including improvement of current account surplus, Primary budget surplus, LSM growth, stock Market Growth, gaining Rupee, increasing reserves, lesser borrowing, higher revenue, IPP renegotiation and penalty defer.

He also mention some other steps to prove good performance of his government. He stated that Covid-19 was brilliantly was handled, mega economic packages was given, construction boom, increase in sale of cement steel, increasing exports, successful foreign diplomacy, bill for AML FATF and many others, cars motorcycle sales, manufacturing and increasing remittances.

He also tweeted a news which was about Pakistan government’s letter to the UK wherein repatriation of PML-N Supremo and former three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was demanded.

On other hand, inflation and price hike has snatched away the smile from the faces of public as the edibles of essential and daily use went out of its reach. Vegetables prices and other household touched the sky.

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.