UAE, Tonga Sign Air Transport Services Agreement

UAE, Tonga sign air transport services agreement

DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News - 20th Oct, 2020) The UAE, represented by the General Civil Aviation Authority, has signed an agreement on air transport services in its initials with the Civil Aviation Authority in the Kingdom of Tonga on 19th October at the GCAA's headquarters in Dubai, with the aim of strengthening bilateral air relations between the two countries.

The agreement was signed on the part of the UAE by Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, and from the Kingdom of Tonga, Akau'ola, Tongan Ambassador to the UAE.

Al Suwaidi stated that the General Civil Aviation Authority, in all circumstances, is always seeking to open new horizons to support the national carriers of the United Arab Emirates, and it was agreed to apply the open skies policy in this agreement.

This agreement is considered a new addition to the air transport services agreements signed by the UAE with the countries of the world, bringing the total of the signed agreements to 185, maintaining the UAE’s first position in the world in the number of signed agreements.

Al Suwaidi stressed that the General Civil Aviation Authority aims to conclude open skies agreements to expand commercial and tourism links and support national carriers such as Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai, and two recently established airlines, Al Arabia - Abu Dhabi and WizzAir Abu Dhabi, thus bringing the number of national carriers registered in the country to six.

This number of national carriers reflects the size of the civil aviation sector in the country and its impact on global air connectivity, he added.