Imran Khan Will Become More Powerful In Coming Days, Predicts Gillani


Imran Khan will become more powerful in coming days, predicts Gillani

Syed Abbas Gillani who is a Toronto based Pakistani astrologist says opposition parties' protest will not yield any result as popularity graph of PM Imran Khan under the sign of changing stars is going in his favor.

OTTAWA: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 20th, 2020) Toronto -based-Pakistani astrologist Syed Abbas Gillani has predicted that popularity graph of Prime Minister Imran Khan under the signs of changing stars will go up as compared to the opposition whose graph simultaneously was going down.

Gillani says Prime Minister’s stars are at the upper stage as he will not face any trouble whatsoever in coming days.

“These protests by the opposition parties could not damage Imran Khan and his government at this moment and the days to come,” says the international astrologist in his video message YouTube Channel “Gillani Canada,”.

He saays: “Everything will be smooth for Prime Minister Imran Khan and he will emerge as a more powerful leader,”.

“Under the signs of Stars, there is no threat to PM Imran Khan and his government,” he further said.

He stated that he would do the best things for Pakistan and would provide happiness to the people of Pakistan.

“Personal sign of popularity which is Mars is going up and is in the favor of Khan, the PM, and therefore, he will be more powerful. He will provide justice and relief to the general public suffering from inflation.

"People are desperate but he will deliver," he further states.

He also says that opposition will lose its strength and popularity in coming days.

“There is no hope of any good development for the opposition parties,” says Gillani while sharing his knowledge under the signs of Stars. He said the fate of JUI-F chief Maulana Fazl ur Rehman who is also President of PDM would lose his political strength,

“Maulana Fazl will lose his political power and strength,” said Gillani, pointing out that he was also “conveyed” the message that he should mend his own ways and should not interfere into affairs of the state.

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