IHCO Ajman To Build 200 Homes For People Affected By Floods In Sudan

IHCO Ajman to build 200 homes for people affected by floods in Sudan

KHARTOUM, (Pakistan Point News - 18th Oct, 2020) Dr. Khalid Abdel Wahhab Al Khajah, Executive Manager of the International and Humanitarian Charity Organisation, IHCO, in Ajman, has laid the foundation stone for the building of a new community, named "Al Salam Village", in Sudan’s River Nile State.

The village will see the construction of 200 houses for local people affected by floods that recently swept through the country.

"The village will include a Grand Mosque and a health centre," Dr. Al Khajah said, stressing that the project will be the beginning of similar charitable projects in Sudan, which aim to ease the suffering of flood victims.

The Organisation also distributed 5,000 food parcels to affected people in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and several remote villages, he added, while thanking the donors and philanthropists who support the IHCO’s relief efforts in Sudan.

Local beneficiaries of the International and Humanitarian Charity Organisation’s charitable projects in Sudan thanked the UAE and the organisation for supporting people living in affected provinces.