PM Hits Back At Nawaz Sharif After His Anti-military Speech


PM hits back at Nawaz Sharif after his anti-military speech

Prime Minister Imran Khan who has called Nawaz Sharif a "jackal' appeals country's top court and NAB to conclude cases of corruption against them [Sharifs],vows to bring him back to the country and put him in an ordinary jail.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 17thd, 2020) Prime Minister Imran Khan said he would use all possible resources for repatriation of former PML-N Supremo Nawaz.

The Prime Minister said he would put him [Nawaz sharif] in ordinary jail rather than special jail.

He was looking aggressive in his speech to Tiger Force in Islamabad just a day after Opposition’s first rally under Pakistan Democratic Movement concluded in Gujranwala.

“From today, I’ll use all possible ways to bring you [Nawaz] you come and you will see I will put you in ordinary jail,” said Imran Khan while lashing out at Nawaz Sharif whom he called “jackal”.

He also warned other opposition leaders that he would put them in ordinary jails where the common citizens were detained.

“Is it justice that a poor man who commits minor crime is put in a very ordinary jails and the big criminals are detained in VIP jails,” he questioned.

Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif spoke against the army chief and the ISI from London. He said the current India’s Modi government had expressed hatred against Muslims and Pakistan and Pakistan Army officers were being martyred daily.

“These Army officers daily sacrifice their lives for Pakistan and this Nawaz Sharif—a jackal—is targeting Pakistan Army and the ISI Chief,” said Imran Khan.

He also reminded Nawaz Sharif of his entry into politics.

“He was chosen by General Jilani when he was working at his home ,” said Imran Khan.

“What was that when he was given “Choosni” by a military general?,” he asked while addressing Nawaz Sharif.

He said Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and all others lied.

“Rest of two children ---I don’t like to mention them even though one of them has become “Naani”, said Imran Khan while referring to Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

“They never did an hour work to earn a single penny. They both were brought up by illegitimate income of their fathers,” said Imran Khan.

The PM appealed NAB and the judiciary to dispose of the cases against them [Sharifs and Zardaris].

“We will provide all possible logistical support but appeal you to please dispose of the cases of all these corrupt,” the PM appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan called the opposition parties' first rally under Pakistan Democratic Development as "circus" on Saturday.

Imran Khan said many other characters were there but your [the speakers] attention was on stuck on "Diesel".

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