Esra Bilgic Comes Down Hard Upon Lahore CCPO For His Comments About Gang-rape Victim


Esra Bilgic comes down hard upon Lahore CCPO for his comments about gang-rape victim

The actress took to Instagram to condemn the approach of Lahore Police Chief Umar Sheikh who had said after the incident that woman should have used GT road instead of Motorway and should not have travelled during the night time.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 25th, 2020) Ertugrul’s famous character Esra Bilgic has come down hard upon Lahore Capital City Police Office (CCPO) Umar Sheikh for his comments about the travel choice and time of Lahore Motorway gang-rape.

CCPO had said that the woman should have used GT road instead of Motorways to travel to Lahore and should not travel in the night alone.

His comments did not go down well as huge public criticism was made on him.

Now the matter has reached to Turkey where the known actress Esra Bilgic has spoken up: “Women can drive alone or with their children. [The] only thing you need to do is provide security,”.

She said: “You’re okay with gangs’ presence on your roads as a POLICE OFFICER? You think that if a woman chooses those roads to drive, there is a right to RAPE and KILL them?” “You’re displaying a shocking ignorance on this matter,” said a belligerent Esra, adding “Before you advise, you should change your thoughts. It seems impossible. What a shame on you and people like you.” Earlier, City Police Officer (CCPO), Lahore, Umer Sheikh, sought public apology over his controversial and insensitive remarks, blaming the victim of the Motorway gang-rape for being careless. Sheikh said he had already sought an apology over his media statement. He said he had no ill intention while giving the statement.

On other hand, the police could not arrest the main culprit in gang-rape case even after 17 days of the incident. His family members including his wife and brother-in-law were taken into custody but he was still at large. Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh had claimed that they would arrest the culprit soon.

Fida Hussnain

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