Brett Lee Shares What He Did To Bring Dean Jones Back


Brett Lee shares what he did to bring Dean Jones back

Jane, the wife of Deans Jones, says Brett told her that Dean had collapsed and he was about 20 yards away from him in Mumbai.

MUMBAI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 25th, 2020) With tearful eyes, Brett Lee said that he did everything to bring Dean Jones Back.

Brett Lee attempts twice to save the life of Dean Jones in a heroic attempt to save the cricketing icon.

“Everything trying to….bring Dean back,” he was quoted as saying by Indian media on Friday.

He said: “ It’s quite hard to put into words the sense of loss I’m feeling right now. Deano was a great mate and champion bloke who we already miss dearly,” said.

“I used CPR and defibrillator to resuscitate Dean,” said the Australian cricketer, adding that there was somehow or some way to bring him back.

According to The Australian’s report, Lee faced difficult task of breaking the news to Jones’ wife Jane.

Later, Jones shared what Lee faced while making everything to save Dean.

“When he rang and told me, ‘Dean is dead’, he was crying. It was just terrible,” said Jones.

Dean had obviously collapsed and Brett was about 20 yards away … and according to Brett’s story to me, he gave him mouth to mouth. He had no pulse. Brett got the pulse back and he got colour back.

“Brett said to me, ‘I got colour in him’.

“Someone else, I don’t know quite whom, called the ambulance and then when Brett looked again, Deano was gone. So Brett gave him mouth to mouth again and got life back to him. And colour. And he found a pulse.

He said: “By which stage the ambulance had arrived and the ambulance then took him. Of course Brett was the only contact as I understand it, and then they’ve rung Brett to say ‘he’s dead’.

“Brett had kept him alive. It was really gutsy stuff. Nothing ever surprises me about Brett Lee. He’s just a lovely person. A gentle soul and a class act.”

It’s understood Lee also had an extensive phone conversation with Warne, who was a close friend and former teammate of Jones, 59.

Australian coach Justin Langer and Adam Gilchrist were among those to call and rally around Lee following the traumatic episode – before the fast bowler bravely fronted up on air for Star sports in India to broadcast the IPL pre-game in honour of the man he had just tried to save.

Alan Jones said Lee was “rocked” but typically strong.

“He always copes. He’s always there for the other person,” he said. “That’s the point. He never thinks of himself. Brett is always there for the other person.

“When you work with someone and you enjoy their friendship and their fun and that person is gone, it’s a terrible wrench in their life.

“Brett most probably is not as emotionally honest even with me as you’d like him to be. Because he knows that I would worry if he was worried. So he tells me, ‘Mate I’m OK. I’m OK’.

It’s understood Jones had exercised in the morning in Mumbai, before returning to his room. He had some computer problems which he was sorting out, and then collapsed.

It’s believed Jones was taken to the Reliance Hospital in Mumbai, but did not make it there alive.

Lee was worried about what to do with the body, and Alan Jones, upon receiving a call from the former fast bowler just an hour before his show on Sky News, immediately contacted Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne.

“She was outstanding. I had to go to air. She made contact. Then I got a message from Barry O’Farrell, who is Australia’s high commissioner to India in Delhi,” said Jones. “I gave him Brett’s number and he made contact with Brett.”

High-ranking IPL official Sanjay Kumar Gupta stayed in regular contact with Alan Jones and said he would fly with Dean Jones’ body to Melbourne, if that’s what it took.

Lee said his thoughts were with the Jones family. “My thoughts go out to Jane and the family,” he said. “The entire cricketing world is in mourning. Deano was a legend in the game and never stopped giving back to the sport he loved.”

Gilchrist described Lee as a hero. “I spoke to Brett Lee on Thursday night and from what I am told, he was absolutely heroic in his efforts,” Gilchrist says in a column for News Corp papers.

“His composure and how educated he was on what the requirements were with CPR was just extraordinary.

“He was desperate to save Dean, and he thought he had. Scott Styris (former New Zealand international), who was there in Mumbai, messaged and said he couldn’t speak any more highly of Brett and the courage and strength he showed in that moment.”

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