Shehzad Akbar Laughs At Shehbaz Sharif After Maryam’s Statement


Shehzad Akbar laughs at Shehbaz Sharif after Maryam’s statement

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Accountability Shehzad Akbar says it is very bad for Shehbaz Sharif that his own niece declared him “out” from his own party and on his birthday.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Sept 23rd, 2020) Special Assistant to Prime Minister on accountability Shehzad Akbar said that it was very bad for Shehbaz Sharif on his birthday that her niece got her out of his own party.

Shehzad Akbar said that niece gave him special gift on his birthday by declaring him out of party.

“It is really very bad for Shehbaz and I condemn this,” the Special Assistant to PM on accountability while addressing a press conference on Wednesday.

He asked Shehbaz sharif that how the network of money laundering was run for over ten years. He said that a reference of 55 volumes was prepared against Shehbaz sharif and six other members of his party.

“Three others benami companies were also there in the reference,” said Shehzad Akbar, pointing out that Nisar Gull served as director in the CM house for ten years and a company in his name was also run.

He stated that the man who was posted in Baitul Mall paid Rs 10 million to Hamza Shehbaz and the reference was full of Hamza Shehbaz’s actions.

Shehzad Akbar put four questions to Shehbaz sharif that whether he did not do money laundering from 2008 to 2018, whether he not used this network to make properties, whether he was not doing the business of “black-money” and the fourth question that where from Salman Shehbaz and Ali Imran were getting money to meet their daily expenses in London.

“Give me answer of all these four questions,” said Mr. Akbar, warning that otherwise he would expose everything what they [his sons] were doing in London.

Fida Hussnain

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