Decree On Moldova Parliament Dissolution May Be Signed In January 2021 - President Dodon

CHISINAU (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 17th September, 2020) Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that in early January 2021, the Moldovan parliament could be dissolved, but for this the government would have to resign.

Earlier, Dodon said the Moldovan parliament should be dissolved, since the current makeup of the legislative body did not match the people's will, expressed in the elections in February 2019. Some of the lawmakers gave up mandates for other positions, some changed parliamentary factions.

"The parliament may be dissolved either through government resignation, or if lawmakers do not adopt legislative initiatives for 90 days, but now the latter option is hardly possible. After the presidential campaign, there may be different scenarios, if after November 15-16 the government leaves, then before January 1-2, an attempt is made twice to approve a new cabinet and on January 3-4 a decree on parliament dissolution will be signed," Dodon said on the Prime tv channel.

The opposition has forwarded the idea of jointly holding presidential and early parliamentary elections, but the Constitutional Court has ruled the option to be illegal. At least six months must pass between the two electoral processes.

The coalition in the Moldovan parliament was formed in March by Democrats and Socialists. Today, the Socialist Party is represented in parliament by 37 lawmakers, the Democrats have 12 mandates, that is, the coalition consists of 49 lawmakers, and there are also two independent lawmakers in parliament who support the coalition. In total, there are 101 lawmakers in the parliament; for a stable parliamentary majority, at least 51 votes are needed.