US Reviewing Venezuela's Diesel Trade - Envoy Abrams

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 17th September, 2020) The United States is conducting a review of international diesel trade involving Venezuela, Special Envoy Elliott Abrams told reporters on Wednesday.

"I have no announcements to make today, but I think it's pretty well known that we are reviewing the whole diesel question," Abrams said.

He added that the US is aware of Venezuela's continuous shipments of diesel to Cuba as well as of local oil company PDVSA decision to stay away from this trade.

Bloomberg news agency reported earlier that the US administration is considering additional sanctions on Venezuela aimed at halting the remaining fuel transactions permitted with the country. The measures could target crude swaps with companies in Asia and Europe, according to the publication.

Abrams claimed that US sanctions have deterred Russian and Chinese companies from selling gasoline to Venezuela leaving it only with scarce supplies from Iran in return to gold.