Met’s Weather Forecast For Today, Heavy Rain In Many Areas Of Country


Met’s weather forecast for today, heavy rain in many areas of country

(Pakistan Point News – 1st August, 2016) : Weather will remain hot in many areas around the country. Rainfall expected in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sargodha, Bahawalpur and Gujranwala. Hazara, Fata, Kashmir, Kuram, Aurakzai and Bajor Agency have been expecting heavy shower with thunderstorm. Mir Pur Khas division of Sindh’s forecast is also indicating heavy rainfall during the day. Weather will be partly cloudy in KPK and tribal areas. Expected heavy shower may cause flash flooding and landslides in the exposed areas. Temperature of some major cities recorded on Sunday morning: Islamabad 25°C, Lahore 27°C, Karachi and Peshawar 28°C, Quetta23°C, Gilgit 24°C, Murree 17°C and Muzaffarabad 23°C.