Over 570 Patients Being Treated At Moscow's Kommunarka COVID-19 Hospital - Head Physician

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 09th September, 2020) More than 570 patients are being treated at Moscow's main coronavirus treatment center in the village of Kommunarka in the Russian capital, head physician Denis Protsenko said.

According to the infographics, which Protsenko posted on his Facebook page, 572 people are being treated at the center. A total of 81 people have been admitted over the past day, 94 have been discharged, five have died.

Moscow's total COVID-19 case tally currently surpasses 267,000, with over 4,900 deaths and more than 223,000 recoveries.

Russia's overall number of recorded coronavirus cases has topped 1,035,000. The country's COVID-19 death toll is about 18,000. More than 850,000 people have recovered.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus a pandemic on March 11. According to the global health body, the coronavirus death toll worldwide has surpassed 891,000 people, with the number of cases worldwide exceeding 27.2 million.