UPDATE - Resident Of Ukraine's Poltava Region Diagnosed With West Nile Fever - Health Ministry

KIEV (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 09th September, 2020) A resident of the Poltava Region in central Ukraine has been diagnosed with West Nile fever, the public health center of the country's Health Ministry said.

"A resident of the Zenkovsky district of the Poltava Region was diagnosed with West Nile fever. The patient's body temperature rose to 39 degrees [Celsius], weakness, muscle aches appeared," the center said on Facebook.

"The patient was examined by a family doctor and hospitalized. The virological reference laboratory of the Ukrainian Health Ministry's public health center discovered antibodies to West Nile virus," it said.

There is no vaccine available to prevent West Nile fever. The sick person does not pose a threat to other people.

West Nile fever is an acute viral disease with an incubation period ranging from several days to three weeks. The disease can occur with damage to the central nervous system in the form of meningitis or meningoencephalitis, as well as in the flu-like form with headaches, fever and sore throat.

The disease mainly occurs in tropical and subtropical regions, but recently it has been increasingly recorded in non-tropical countries. The virus primarily affects birds, but also humans and many mammals that become infected after being bitten by mosquitoes.