AJK Assembly Elects Speaker And Deputy Speaker

AJK Assembly elects Speaker and Deputy Speaker

Muzaffarabad,(Pakistan Point News - 30 July,2016) : The members of Azad Jammu Kashmir Assembly elected Speakers and Deputy Speakers. PML-N candidate for speaker-ship Shah Ghulam Qadir secured 39 votes out of 40 votes polled, while Muslim Conference candidate Malik Muhammad Nawaz and Pakistan People's Party candidate Aamar Ghafar Lone obtained 3 and 4 votes respectively. Two votes were rejected during polling. The ruling PML-N candidate Sardar Farooq Tahir won the position of Deputy Speaker by securing 39 votes. His rivals, Sardar Sagheer Chughtai of the Muslim Conference and PPP candidate Shazia Akbar, secured five votes and four votes respectively.