Give Wings To Your Eyes

Give wings to your eyes

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News - 28th june, 2016) : Winged eyeliner is in trend these days. It looks very pretty and give highlighted look to you eyes. Though its is not an easy task to give flawless finish look to you eyeliner but once its done, it compliments your full face make-up. If you have been wondering how to winged eyeliner, there are some recommendations to do it with perfection and least smudg. Winged eyeliner does not siut some of the eye types but no problem there are many other good styles for lining you eyes. 

Types of eyeliners

The pencil

Pencil liner is eyeliner that is easier to apply because of its use. And it is a very decent way to do you liner but sometimes it does not result smooth look.

The gel

Gel liner gives a very smooth look because it glides through the eye lid easily. Gel liner gives very smooth matte look to you eye.

The liquid

Liquid eyeliners results very precise and artsy look. These liners are used for perfect finish looks.

Eye shapes

Round eyes

These are circular, rounded shape eyes that have more vertical space than horizontal space which makes it less suitable for winged eyeliners

Almond eyes

These eyes are alike almonds and are horizontally long which makes them perfect for the cat-eye/heavy winged eyeliner look.

Thin almond eyes

These eyes are same as almond eyes but has less space above the eye which makes it suitable for double-up and under-line liner.

Round almond eyes

Round almond eyes are more round but still in the shape of almond which makes it wide both in horizontal and vertical areas. These are suitable for almost every type of lining style.

Hooded eyes

These type of eyes do not have any vertical space on eyeline which makes it difficult to do lining to these eyes. It is recommended to draw simple lines to highlight the edges of eyes.

All those wings

Classic: The line begins from above the iris and ends a little after the outer corner of the eye where the line slightly thickens.

Smooth: This is perfect for daily wear and is rounded that follows the lash-line. 

Drama: It covers the whole upper eyelid, while the lower one is blackened as well.

Feline: This stlye of lining is very  sharp and thin which starts from the inner corner of the eye and is raised on the outer part of the eye.

Bold: The line here is a thick one from start to end, but only on the upper eyelid 

Double-up: This is a normal line that thickens over in the outer corner of the eye, on the lid as well as the lower lash-line.

Pin-up: In this style, line  is long,  starting from the inside the corner of the eye and extending all the way to the outer corner of the eyelid, giving a very Marilyn Monroe look.

Simple: This line is sharp and thin which follows the lash-line.

Luxe: Here you have to highlight the same areas as ‘drama’. The only difference is that the line here is thinner in comparison.

Egyptian: This is a thick double line that slightly curls at the outer corner of the eye. While it goes downwards from below the eyelid line.

Every day: The line here is a plain one that thickens at the middle of the eyelid, right above the iris, making the eyes look bigger.

Basic: This is a thin line that starts from the beginning of the lash-line and follows all the way through on both the upper eyelid and partly the lower one.