Governor Urges Lawyers To Play Role In Education Of Masses

Governor urges Lawyers to play role in education of masses

   PESHAWAR, (Pakistan Point News - 30th july, 2016) : The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra has said that the role of Lawyers community, apart from their professional commitments of appearing to contest cases before courts also encompasses the responsibilities of educating and guiding the masses. Addressing the oath taking ceremony of the Peshawar Bar Association here on Saturday,The Governor said, the role of lawyers in educating the people and dispensing justice whether it is required for providing justice to individuals or different segments of societies is also very important.

Beside others, the ceremony was also attended by Deputy Attorney General Manzoor Khalil, President Peshawar Bar Association Amjad Ali Khan advocate. He said that the restoration of peace and normalcy in entire country; this province and FATA in particular in true sense is beyond doubt a most challenging task but we have taken over this responsibility as a sacred trust to achieve it. By the grace of Allah, peace has been resorted as a result of great sacrifices rendered by our patriotic tribesmen, security forces and people of the province as well.

Governor said, now is the time to maintain the supremacy of law and constitution; safeguard our freedom as a democratic nation. Maintenance of the writ of the state at every cost and at everywhere in the country is the best way to make this possible, which indeed is subject to maintaining unflinching belief in joint efforts of all the respective institutions. Later on, the Governor took oath from the newly elected cabinet members of the Peshawar Bar Association. The Governor congratulated the newly elected cabinet members of Peshawar Bar Association and announced Rs 1.5 million for the Bar.