Fitness Expo Dubai Coming To Pakistan In May

Fitness Expo Dubai coming to Pakistan in May

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 10th Feb, 2017 ) : Fitness Expo Dubai will be holding the largest fitness expo, Pakistan chapter, here at Pak-China Friendship Centre from May 6 to 7. Addressing a press conference held here at the National Press Club Friday, Chief Executive Officer Fitness Expo Dubai Arif Mirza said after successfully organizing the region's largest fitness expo in Dubai last year in November, we were now coming to Pakistan.

"This event is going to be Pakistan's Largest Fitness Expo, a mega-event with international celebrities and companies from around the world," he said. The founder of Fitness Expo Dubai Mirza said, "I am the son of Pakistan and I want my country to excel in the global health and international fitness arena." "We want to send a message to the whole world that Pakistan is a safe country and anyone can come here," he said adding as many as 13 international athletes will be coming to Pakistan in the expo.

He said the main theme of the exhibition was health, sports and fitness and it would be accessible to all amateurs as well as professionals. "Live shows, fitness competitions, mixed martial arts, parkour, muay Thai, kung fu for kids, bodybuilding, and seminars by the top athletes and medical professionals will be organized in the expo," he said. He mentioned that some of the international exhibitors included the BPI, Superior 14, Team GAT, Protein Bites, Real Mix, and Little Big Shot. "Our National Exhibitors are The Gym, SMARTS, Jacked Nutrition, Protein Factor, United Sports International, Knock Down International, Pak MMA, Hera International, Yahya Sports, Indus Pharma, Fitness ON, Fitness City and many more," he said.