Opposition Backed Out From Its Commitment: PML-N Leaders

Opposition backed out from its commitment: PML-N Leaders

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - 21st Apr, 2017 ) : Leaders of pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz on Friday charged opposition with backing out its commitment to accept the court verdict and said, now the opposition should show some morality to stand by their words. "Those teaching us morality must also watch their conduct. Is there any morality in their conduct no matter within the Parliament building or outside it," Ministers of State Abid Sher Ali, Dr Tariq Fazal and MNA Daniyal Aziz.

"We had asked opposition in National Assembly to move motion for suspension of Question Hour but they did not. They shied away as liars do and could not show any morality to discuss matter in the House," said Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali. He said if they do not agree with JIT mentioned in the decision, then should we constitute a JIT headed by PPPP leaders. He said the court verdict has proved that Nawaz Sharif and Marriyum Nawaz Sharif were not indicted by the court that is painful for PPPP leaders.

Minister of State for CADD, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry those defying the decision of the Supreme Court, had repeatedly stated in the past that they will accept the court verdict. He said the majority decision is based on constitutional provisions as the judges clearly cited that the court had not the powers under article 184 to disqualify Nawaz Sharif without proper investigation. He said the PML-N had accepted decision with an open heart as he questioned that those who are accepting the decision are they not committing contempt of court.

He said his leadership would face the investigation under the JIT as we respect the court verdict. Tariq Fazal said, our leadership faced accountability of three generations and if such an accountability has to be faced by these leaders, they will not be shaken. "Nawaz Sharif had stood firm and faced the charges with courage. He is loved by millions of Pakistanis and shall be successful again as his hands are clean," he added, Daniyal Aziz said there were seven items in their prayer and the majority of Judges has rejected all of these points in their decision.

"Maryam Nawaz whom these leaders have been charging all the time, was cleared by the court." "Now we question whether Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen had not sought relief in whitening their black money and submitting fines for concealment of assets," he said. "Imran and Jehangir Tareen cannot deny that they got whitened their black money and confessed before state institutions about concealment of assets and setting up firms in the name of their personal servants," he added. He said Tareen had paid Rs 15 million fine for concealed assets and had no justification to blame others because he is a testified tax evader and profiteer. He said name of Nawaz Sharif is not in the Panama papers but he is facing trial while there are Names of 450 other people. "Are they all clean, why they are not being investigated."