LGH Launches MRI Facility At Night

LGH launches MRI facility at night

LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News - 11th Jan, 2017 ): The management of Lahore General Hospital (LGH) has started the facility of MRI test during night time for the first time in its history and now the patients would be able to be diagnosed through this machine till 12 am at night. This facility would be very useful for poor and deserving patients who can avoid the highly paid lab tests from outside the hospital during night time. Moreover, government employees will also be the major beneficiaries of this initiative as they are too busy during daytime in their official duties to reach hospital.

Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital Prof. Ghiyas Un Nabi Tayyab said that LGH was the first hospital in Public sector to introduce that facility. He along with MS LGH Dr. Ghulam Sabir inspected Radiology Department last day and personally observed the patients in the process of MRI test. Prof. Ghiyas Un Nabi Tayyab told that LGH administration was taking practical steps to provide best available medical facilities to patients. He was of the view that time diagnose of a disease was first important step towards its treatment, this was the theme which was focused while creating this facility of night time MRI test at LGH.