Deprivation Entertains!

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Deprivation Entertains!

Deprivation entertains. This is the whole idea I came up with, when I saw a boy crying and running away after being insulted by the “real men” of this society. A boy with evident feminine characters, soft voice but a definite proportion of honor which was crushed brutally by the “honorable” society, when they call voices on him about his unmanly characteristics. Alas they overlook their own inhumane behavior. Then there came the news flash in which the news was narrated quite enthusiastically about a transgender being raped after he was beaten up mercilessly.

This was followed by the proud moment for a channel, the newscaster of which announced very proudly that they are the ones who have broken the news first of all. Celebrations begin! Then the eyes witnessed an analyst giving his precious views over the rights of transgender, condemning the brutal act while the guests countered a conflict in opinions, voices became high pitched, tone bitter, language inappropriate. Thus TRP boosts! Then becomes #TransgenderRights trendy, everywhere on social media, people suddenly become worried about the miserable situation of, people say, third gender and realizing their responsibility, they waste no time in updating their statuses and shows their much concern.

Hence they got 100 likes on their post, such achievement! Then we see only two boxes on every form, just parallel to the sex/gender section. And we see the God-made-creature being thrown out of the mosques. And we see eunuchs like Riffie Khan being fired from the jobs just because of her ambiguous gender. And we observe 4 out of 5 transgender in our society being forced to adopt the occupation of prostitution and dancers or they have an alternative of dying due to starvation.

Hence we forget so swiftly that humanity is many steps ahead of gender orientation. We forget that one’s abilities deserve more importance than their gender or clothing does. Meanwhile, two ears heard the news of his rape, while he feels the pain inside. Then read the two watery eyes this article, having a painful smile on his damaged lips as he knows, he can find many more articles written on him. His soul wretched due to his helplessness, as his gender decision was never in his hands, but he was happy, as he is and will always remain the source of entertainment for others, deprivation has always been!